About Us

Our Story

As the founding leadership team of Arasva, we bring decades of experience in building and leading high-performing product engineering teams across multiple geographical locations. Product development runs deep in our DNA, shaped by our tenure as employees at companies such as Oracle, Cisco, Dell, Sun Microsystems, Renesas Electronics, and Dialog Semiconductors.

We have also contributed to the success of smaller companies and startups, including TCSI (IPO), ONI (acquired by Ciena), Gale Technologies (acquired by Dell), Perspica (acquired by Cisco), Adesto Technologies (acquired by Renesas).

Our expertise extends across various domains, including Decentralized Serverless Edge Computing, Decentralized Edge Object Storage, Edge Content Delivery Networks, AI/ML – Ops, Converged Infrastructure-as-a-Service, IoT, E-commerce, Routers/Switches, and more.

Throughout our journey, we have fostered robust cross-cultural collaboration, working closely with product engineering teams based in the US, India, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, China, Japan and South Korea. The engineering team behind these endeavors is now eager to empower others on their own product engineering journeys.

Avinash Agrawal - Founder & Co-CEO

Avinash Agrawal
Founder & Co-CEO

Vipin Sharma - Founder & Co-CEO

Vipin Sharma
Founder & Co-CEO

Our Advisors

Dean Hamilton

Dean brings more than 30 years of experience in the technology industry, including several senior executive roles and being named by Forbes.com as one of “The Top 8 Technology CEOs to Watch”. Dean founded several successful Silicon Valley technology companies, most notably CoSine Communications, which he led to a very successful IPO with a peak market capitalization of $7.1 billion. Dean has also held leadership or board roles at Persistent, Ericsson, Wilson Perumal and Company, Swivl, and Center for Humanitarian Technology (a global, non-profit humanitarian NGO).

Kathy Naylor

Kathy Naylor has over 25 years of experience as a global Human Resources leader working with startups and Fortune 500 high tech and biotech companies. As a HR leader, Kathy has a proven track record of driving positive change, implementing best practices, and improving company culture. Her expertise includes HR leadership, international HR, talent acquisition, organizational culture, employee and labor relations, HRIS, benefits and acquisitions. Kathy is a Fractional HR Leader, Consultant and Advisor working with Pre-Seed to Series C companies.

Rob Hughes

Robert has many years of experience in the technology industry, including senior finance and president roles in start-up, high-growth and large public technology companies. Before recently retiring, he was President of Medici Land Governance, a blockchain public benefit company, Chief Financial Officer of Overstock.com, and SVP Finance and CFO at TenFold Corporation. Earlier in his career he held internal audit and senior finance director roles at Oracle Corporation and was a public accountant with KPMG Peat Marwick.

Sridhar Jagannathan

Sridhar Jagannathan, a veteran in product engineering, tech strategy, and innovation, boasts a distinguished career encompassing Intuit, Symantec, SoftBank, and YoGeo. As Co-Founder and CTO, he led an e-commerce firm to a successful Nasdaq IPO (ADTM). Sridhar has taught at Stanford and UC Berkeley. Committed to underprivileged children’s education, he engages with Agastya and MOVE India. Holding a PhD from Berkeley and Stanford GSB Sloan Fellow, Sridhar is an author of diverse works like “Internet Commerce, Metrics and Models” and “The Art of Breathing”.

Why Arasva

  • Individually, we have traversed this journey numerous times, gaining insights into effective strategies and identifying what does and does not work.
  • Our unwavering focus has been on products, successfully delivering consecutive releases across diverse technology domains, encompassing both On-premise and Cloud deployments.
  • We firmly believe in the significance of the four key functional areas, known as the 4 P’s: Product, People, Processes, and Plans.
  • Our practice is built upon assisting companies in optimizing these critical areas, leveraging our expertise to support their growth and success.

The ARASVA Philosophy

Part of your team, working with the concept of ONE TEAM
  • We will be an integral part of your team, working side-by-side with your engineers and product managers.
  • We will collaborate with you on all aspects of the product development process, from ideation to launch.
  • We will be your partners in success, helping you achieve your product goals.
In the trenches with you to meet your goals. Guide by the side, not sage on the stage
  • We are not here to tell you what to do. We are here to help you achieve your goals by providing guidance and support.
  • We will be there in the trenches with you, working through the challenges and celebrating the successes.
Collaborator in decision making
  • We will be a key collaborator in all of your product decisions.
  • We will bring our experience and expertise to the table, but we will always defer to your final decision.
  • We are here to help you make the best decisions for your product, not to make decisions for you.
Working in your time zone. Presence in US and India currently, expanding to other geo-regions in future
  • We understand that time zone differences can be a challenge. That’s why we are committed to working in your time zone.
  • We are currently located in the US and shortly expanding into India.
  • We want to make it as easy as possible for you to work with us.

Our Vision

To be the leading partner for product engineering for technology innovations globally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to optimize product engineering endeavors for global technology companies, aiming to achieve faster time-to-market for new technological innovations and their subsequent benefits to society.