What We Offer

Product Engineering Consulting

We offer comprehensive Product Engineering Consulting services that cover all aspects of your product development lifecycle. Our expertise includes:

  • Developing engineering strategies
  • Defining, specifying, architecting, and designing your product
  • Assisting in building the right team
  • Preparing and updating your organization
  • Establishing and refining processes
  • Assisting with product release planning

Product Engineering Execution

We specialize in Product Engineering Execution, covering all the aspects outlined in the consulting phase, which include:

  • Establishing operational capabilities in United States and India
  • Defining product and service specifications
  • Conducting design and project estimation
  • Assisting with team building, hiring for you or leveraging  Arasva’s staff and expertise 
  • Delivering completed products

Domains – Past Work Experience

Products developed in the following domains:

  • Edge Cloud Computing: Decentralized Serverless Edge Compute Platform, Decentralized Edge Object Storage, Edge Content Delivery Network, Edge Applications
  • AI / ML – Ops: High scale streaming metric data processing & analytics; Root Cause Analysis
  • Converged Infrastructure-as-a-Service: Converged Infrastructure (Data Centers, Labs) management and orchestration
  • IoT: Devices, Device Management
  • Routers / Switches: Control & Data plane software, protocol stack development

And covering the following:

  • Frontend & Backend modules architecture, design and development
  • Application & Systems programming
  • QA/Test Automation tools & frameworks
  • DevOps/SRE ecosystem development & setup

Domains – New Focus Areas

Bringing in our Software Product Design & Development strengths for innovation collaboration with experts & organizations in the following domains:

  • Healthcare: Collaboration with Doctors, Researchers, Healthcare institutions for impactful digital technology innovations
  • Climate Tech: Collaboration with public & private institutions to address the climate issues of today & tomorrow
  • AI driven innovation: Collaboration with AI experts, research organizations & institutions – and in alignment with the philosophy of responsible AI-based innovation
  • FinTech: Digital innovations in collaboration with BFSI experts & institutions
  • Cyber Security: Collaboration with cyber security focussed experts & institutions to address the challenges of today and tomorrow

We are also open to collaborating with domain experts and organizations in other domains.